GIVEAWAY: Homegrown Kitchen Cookbook by Nicola Galloway – Giveaway Closed

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You know those invaluable cookbooks that live on your bench and have been dog-eared dozens of times with food stains and marks found on almost every page? This new Homegrown Kitchen Cookbook by Nicola Galloway has already become that for me after only mere weeks of having it in my possession. The love and effort put into this book by Nicola is so obvious throughout and her passion for cooking good food is infectious. This is a book I feel fortunate to have and a book that far exceeds any expectations I had prior to receiving it.

When I started on my journey into gut health and healing foods 5 years ago the Homegrown Kitchen blog by Nicola Galloway was one of my staple resources. It is still one of my favourite food blogs today and I use it on a weekly basis. Nicola’s way of cooking is beautifully honest and accessible. Her recipes are healthy, hearty and most of all DELICIOUS (definitely need all caps there). It is hugely exciting to see this amazing knowledge along with so many new recipes compiled into a sturdy hard-cover book.

This cookbook is a wonderful collection of everyday recipes that are not only inspiring, but also simple to make and use inexpensive ingredients that are easy to source. I have made a dozen or more recipes from this book several times already, including the no-knead super seeded sourdough (pictured), lacto-fermented beetroot pickle, labneh, rustic sourdough, yogurt scones and sourdough crumpets. This cookbook is more than just yummy recipes. It is a fantastic resource in which you can find recipes that I guarantee will become staples in your daily food-making. Nicola also includes in-depth but easy-to-follow instructions on basics like sourdough, yogurt-making, and fermentation as well as dozens of recipes which show you how to use these essential basics in every day cooking and baking. This is a perfect book for anyone, whether a beginner in the kitchen or a skilled foodie.

Nicola’s Homegrown Kitchen Cookbook can be found here and you can also find her over on her blog and on Instagram and Facebook.



Nicola has kindly gifted a cookbook to be offered in a giveaway to one of my blog readers. I will also be including a naturally dyed tote bag and two x 100gm skeins of naturally dyed DK weight alpaca/merino yarn to go with the book in the giveaway (foodies and textile addicts unite!). I am happy to cover the cost to ship around the world, so please feel free to enter the giveaway no matter where you are!

To enter the draw, just leave a comment below. I will draw the winner at random in the weekend, so you have until Friday 12th May, 8pm (NZ time) to enter.

The lucky winner is Alice! Thank you to all for entering and for your lovely comments!



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  1. oh, I’d love this book! I am embarrassed to say that I was given Nicola’s calendar for the last 2 years, and have only just gotten round to cooking some of the recipes (my excuse: it was on the wall!!) – I loved them, and can’t wait to cook more. I follow her blog, and now yours too, nice work – I look forward to reading more! 🙂


  2. Marlar Boon says

    Ooh I would love to win this amazing cookbook and your lovely handdyed yarn. What a wonderful and generous prize 😍


  3. Renée Crocker says

    Hi Bonnie, I’ve been enjoying reading your blog and would love this book and wool… I’m a novice foodie and crafter and feeling inspired!


  4. Madeleine says

    What an awesome prize package – I am loving your blog and as well as all the delicious recipes and your extremely photogenic sourdough, I love your dyeing experiments – something I’d like to have a go at myself when time allows. You and Nicola are so inspiring.


  5. Hi Bonnie, we met you (maybe the first and only time) when you first arrived in Auckland with your wee Winston Churchill (aka Teo) – must be 10 years ago! (I’m Fi’s sister). Really enjoy your photos and writing. If I win this book I would love to gift it to my friend Celine, who has 2 children with food allergies / intolerances. xx


  6. Esther says

    I’m just beginning this happy gut/mood journey and think this would be an excellent guide. Love your work Bonnie xx


  7. Lotus Hattersley says

    Oh I would so love this book I’m in serious need of some culinary inspiration! Plus that wool looks incredible 💖


  8. Merophy Hyslop says

    Oh yes! I woukd love to win this to give to my sister! Great book


  9. Lauren Fletcher says

    I would love a copy of Nicola’s book, I went to one of her workshops in Nelson a few years back and her way of cooking is so inspiring! Would also love some of your wool, so many amazing projects to make!


  10. Miriam O'Connor says

    I have been thinking recently how much I would love a copy of this book but my birthday is ages away! I have heard from yourself and fellow Nelsonian’s how great it is! Some of your wool would go down a treat too! Thanks Bonnie!


  11. Alisa says

    Hi Bonnie. Saw you blog on Nicola’s page and I am so glad because I have really enjoyed the blog posts I have read tonight. Will definitely give making the coconut yoghurt a go! Thank you! Alisa


  12. Jan says

    Would absolutely love to win this prize….sounds amazing!!! I’m needing some new wholesome recipe inspiration for my family and a winter project using the rest of this wonderful prize would be fantastic!!


  13. Megan Craig says

    Love your blog Bonnie :).
    I would love to win this for my incredible mum, she’s on a health journey and I’m sure this would inspire her as I absolutely love what Nicola does and I’m sure she would too! 🙂


  14. Marina says

    Hey Bonnie!
    I was so excited to read your giveaway over on my instagram feed as I have recently moved to Europe and Nicolla mentioned her book is still not available outside of Nz/Aus…. so fingers crossed I can get a copy of this wonderful book. And getting one of your dyed bags would such a treat ; ) Thanks for everything, you are so inspiring it makes me want to raise my own sheep soon and start experimenting with natural dyes. All the very best x xxx Marina


  15. Suze Hansen says

    Yes please I would love Nicola’s book to cook and make lots of treats for my friends and family. The wool I would make a fabulous scarf for winter.


  16. Emily says

    I am hanging out for this cookbook! Love how the recipes are great for the whole family x


  17. Giselle Reid says

    Wow, this is my dream prize! So glad Nicola directed me to your blog.


  18. Shirley says

    What an awesome gift. Would love ❤️ Nicola’s latest book and the wool would make a little something for my newest great niece.


  19. Jessica Earnshaw says

    Oooo I would love to win this! I have Nicolas first book, feeding little tummies, which I have used for both my kids over the last 4 years…. Some new recipes would be great! I also love the photographs, such beautiful yummy food 😃


  20. Sarah Johnstone says

    Hi, I would really love a copy of this cookbook- I am a big fan of Nicola’s and am hanging out to get this book (I don’t want to have to wait til my birthday in august! 😉 ). Cheers


  21. Beth says

    Will definitely be getting this book, but who knows, I might be your lucky winner – and I love to knit and that wool looks amazing!! Fingers crossed!!


  22. Raewynn says

    This is the ultimate Mothers Day prize & I know just the mum who would live this! Thanks!


  23. Lu Ferrer says

    What amazing looking bread! And your yarn is pretty too 🙂 can’t wait to try your coconut yoghurt recipe too!


  24. Jenni says

    I would really love this book as I have followed Nicola for at least 4 years .. love her recipes ❤️
    I would also love some wool to do some knitting 😊


  25. Karla Welson says

    This book Sou da amazing and the yarns also look beautiful! Great combo ❤️


  26. Jenna fisher says

    I would love to win Nicola’s cookbook! I am just starting out my journey of sourdough starters and fermentation, this book would be so well loved and used in my kitchen 🙂


  27. Megan says

    Ooh, I would love to try this book out! I would like to try sourdough making and stop buying crappy supermarket bread for my husband d and baby to eat.


  28. Fifi says

    Oh man! Yes …food + yarn. Thanks for chance to win this most excellent prize. I’m totes excited too (ya see what I did there? Lol) Love Fifi xx


  29. Nina says

    Any recommendation of Bonnie’s is one I’ll take! I’ve been following HomeGrown Kitchen’s Instagram feed and it is a delight! Still need to make more food but as it becomes spring over her in Canada I’m excited about all the local produce starting to pop up! Xoxo


  30. Janet Fougere says

    I love cookbooks and would love to have this one. I enjoy trying new recipes especially healthy ones that are tasty.


  31. Sarah Wallen says

    Homegrown Kitchen is a wonderful site. I’d love to have her book and the added bonus of yarn and a tote bag(I buy totes as souvenirs when I travel). Thank you for doing this!


  32. Guadalupe says

    I have very few books with me. The ones I have I read it and study over and over. They are all precious. This cookbook would be the perfect friend to inspire my kitchen experiments!


  33. Well, I love the work of you both and I know beyond thrashing your gorgeous tote bag, Bonnie I would probably cook most days from Homegrown as we’re always on the hunt for whole-food, healthy recipes and who knows I might even learn to knit! X


  34. Annabel says

    So there I was standing in Minerva paging through this delightful cookbook and wondering, “can I fit this in my luggage?” I didn’t buy it and I’ve regreted it every day since. I’d love a copy. Sorry we missed you guys on our visit. Next time! ❤️


  35. Kirsten says

    I would love to win this! I got the book for my birthday and it is being so well used. I’d love to win one for my bestie so she can love it as much as I do… but that yarn looks amazingly delicious and would be all for me!!


  36. Kristy Baxter says

    Oooh what a lovely opportunity from two such inspiring ladies! Gosh it’d be an absolute delight to win this gorgeous new book to gander through on a Sunday arvo whilst sipping a hot cuppa, deciding which meals and snacks to prep for the week. The wool is divine also, loving the natural dyes and whilst my knitting is as basic as it gets, I would knit a lovely little blanket for the little baby growing in my tummy. Perfect excuse to actually sit for a short while in the evenings and appreciate the little kicks while I wind down after a busy day. Gosh sorry about the novel, thanks again for the lovely competition, Kristy xo


  37. Anna C says

    I’d love to win, that bread looks amazing! The book for me and the yarn for my yarn-obsessed mother-in-law… 🙂


  38. Catherine says

    What a great prize! Love Nicola Galloways recipes and I’m just new to natural dying, since moving to the BOP I’ve discovered the beauty released using avocado stone So! Is this what you’ve used for your yarn? They look gorgeous! Catherine x


  39. Sarah Koch says

    Really really really want this book. I’m keen to get into making my own sour doughs. Yet to master this skill.


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