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IMG_3728Things have been very quiet on here. If you follow my Instagram you will know I have still been doing a fair bit with food and fibre, as well as the odd workshop. My partner asked about the blog the other day and suggested I do a simple blog post just to give an update and to let people know what my plans are over the next while.

Keeping up with the blog has been impossible over the winter with the constant illnesses my kids and I have been struggling with. The kids and I seem to have become really sensitive to dust, mould and mildew, causing us all to have low level illness and coughs and asthma all winter with some really nasty viruses thrown in the mix. At the best of times being a mother of three is full-on and I never manage any uninterrupted time to gain momentum on anything. I’m hoping to plan some basic posts and workshops that I can easily work around my kids and family life, both of which I am really enjoying.

Despite the constant posts about sourdough, I have actually had to cut all bread out of my diet in order to make some massive changes to combat my anxiety and eczema (though, I may have eaten a cream-filled sourdough doughnut this afternoon). The diet change has actually been a move to a ketogenic, high fat – low carb diet. I have used this way of eating before to help minimise stress on my thyroid and kidneys/adrenal glands during terrible bouts of sleep deprivation from my lovely children who haven’t yet discovered the pleasure of sleeping. The main benefit has been a complete reduction in anxiety, which at times has been debilitating.

While I actually find it easy to avoid eating breads and pastries, I love the process of sourdough baking and have needed to find ways to continue making it each week. Sourdough baking and dyeing wool and fabric are my therapy. I still bake a small amount for my family, but have started offloading excess sourdough bagels and doughnuts to some very grateful friends. A recipe will be coming to the blog for sourdough bagels in the coming weeks. I will also be updating my sourdough routine, because over the years I have tweaked the process and recipes I use. And I have some great tips for getting successful sourdough bread.

So, with all of that in the mix, what are my plans over the next little while?

I am planning some beginner and intermediate sourdough workshops, which will include other staple bread items other than just sourdough loaves of bread (pizza dough, bagels, pastries). I will also do some more fermentation workshops. Subscribe to the blog and follow me on Instagram to find out when those will be.

I also intend to do a few more wool and natural dye workshops before the year is over and will be teaching those through The Neighbourhood Studio. Follow Eloise on Instagram and be sure to check out her website. Eloise also offers great screen printing workshops and services.

I have been slowly making more bags and dyeing some wool and intend to start up my Etsy Shop again. Sewing, knitting, printing and working with natural dyes and acid reactive dyes are my first love and I am very excited to be getting a bit more time to make items for myself as well as some items to sell.

As I am writing this, my partner has just discovered rats in our garage, so I must run and make sure all of my fabrics and fibres are safely tucked away! Please get in touch if you have any questions about anything. And keep following along because I will be doing a bit more on here as my kids continue to get a bit older and more independent.


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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.


  1. Hi Bonnie. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well. I can relate to the sleep deprivation with young children. Also sorry you don’t get to enjoy your beautiful sourdough! I am very painfully learning to make my own but I’m a long way off achieving the beauty of your loaves. I was wondering which brand of flour you use? I’m trying to find a more organic alternative to Edmonds strong flour and have tried Chantal organics with fairly horrific brick-like results!! I’m just wondering what the ‘experts’ use;) Thanks Bridget


    • Hi Bridget! Sleep deprivation is the pits, eh. In regards to flour, I have to admit I’ve had poor luck with organic white flours and have moved away from them. I have had better luck with organic spelt than organic wheat, but the ratios are different. I have moved back to non-organic high grade flour and have had the best bread I’ve ever made using Champion. I still use an organic rye and wholemeal flour, however. But unfortunately the NZ grown organic flours don’t have a high enough protein content to produce a reliably great bread. Wrong climate/growing conditions for it. Hard wheat for breads need a long, hot growing season. I hope that is helpful!


      • Thanks so much for your quick reply Bonnie. I’m so glad it isn’t just me! I had been using Edmonds as at least it is unbleached and was getting far better results. I use an organic rye starter, so at least that is something. One of the many frustrating things about living in NZ I suppose. I’ve just moved back to Welly after 16 years overseas and am slowly trying to piece my wholefoods pantry back together again.
        Anyway, I really appreciate your response it was so helpful.
        Wishing you a great week.


      • I didn’t realise Edmonds flour is unbleached. I might try it to compare to the champion. And you will get your pantry sorted. Must be a big transition back after that time!


  2. You’re amazing Bonnie, I am sorry to hear about your winter of illness and I completely understand the toll it takes on creativity and time, we too have had two months of constant bubby illness. Happy Spring to you and I look forward to following your activities
    . X


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