Hello! Welcome to the Rusty Skillet. My name is Bonnie and I am a midwife and a keen foodie. Originally from Canada, my partner and I now live in New Zealand with our three kids.

As a child I was fortunate to grow up in an epicurean environment. I spent many hours every week in kitchens and restaurants and later worked as a cold food and pastry chef in a French-style bistro, which is definitely where I discovered my passion for cooking.

With a keen interest in nutrition and gut health I value the importance in eating a varied diet based on wholefoods and traditional food preparation practices. This blog is intended to become a collection of my own recipes, as well as many of my favourite recipes that I have gathered and personalised over the past decade.

Please leave comments and questions if you wish and let me know if you have enjoyed one of my recipes.

You can also visit Rusty Skillet on Facebook or send an email to bonnie@rustyskillet.co.nz

Thank you for visiting!

x Bonnie

(All images, photographs and recipes are © Bonnie De Gros originals unless stated otherwise. Please ask for permission before using any content from this blog.)


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