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Overnight Oats

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As a busy working mother of two children and a rambunctious toddler, I tend to prefer simple meals that can pass as another meal in the day. This helps me streamline my meal planning and also allows for a bit of meal juggling when the constant unpredictabilities of parenthood strike. Some days are a struggle (understatement) and my lunch meal plan goes out the window along with the lunchboxes and ingredients my toddler feels so […]

Chewy Sourdough Bagels

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Bagels are a very special bread that originated in the Jewish communities of eastern Europe as far back as the early 1600s . These special breads are first boiled prior to baking, which makes them chewier and with a lovely, shiny crust. Bagels have always been one of my favourite treats, next to doughnuts, of course. About a decade ago I toyed with making bagels risen with yeast. They were delicious but I didn’t make […]

What’s Going On

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Things have been very quiet on here. If you follow my Instagram you will know I have still been doing a fair bit with food and fibre, as well as the odd workshop. My partner asked about the blog the other day and suggested I do a simple blog post just to give an update and to let people know what my plans are over the next while. Keeping up with the blog has been impossible […]

Homegrown Kitchen Cookbook Giveaway Winner Announced 

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Congratulations to Alice for winning the Homegrown Kitchen Cookbook giveaway! Alice, please email me and we can sort out getting the parcel of goodies to you! A huge thank you to everyone who entered and for all of your lovely comments and support. It means so much! I wish I had a book and yarn for each and every one of you. More textile giveaways to come in the not too distant future! 

GIVEAWAY: Homegrown Kitchen Cookbook by Nicola Galloway – Giveaway Closed

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  You know those invaluable cookbooks that live on your bench and have been dog-eared dozens of times with food stains and marks found on almost every page? This new Homegrown Kitchen Cookbook by Nicola Galloway has already become that for me after only mere weeks of having it in my possession. The love and effort put into this book by Nicola is so obvious throughout and her passion for cooking good food is infectious. This […]

Basic Noodle Omlette + Anxiety

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  Things may seem rather quiet around here, but I can promise you that the quietness on my blog is a reflection of the busyness in my life and the chaos in my head. I have found the jump from two kids to three mind boggling. It is exhausting, relentless, and tedious at times. Conversely it is also wonderful and fun and hilarious. But if I am to be honest, more often than not, I am overwhelmed. Postnatal […]