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GIVEAWAY: Homegrown Kitchen Cookbook by Nicola Galloway – Giveaway Closed

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  You know those invaluable cookbooks that live on your bench and have been dog-eared dozens of times with food stains and marks found on almost every page? This new Homegrown Kitchen Cookbook by Nicola Galloway has already become that for me after only mere weeks of having it in my possession. The love and effort put into this book by Nicola is so obvious throughout and her passion for cooking good food is infectious. This […]

Giveaway: Sourdough Bread Kit

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  Photography by my lovely friend Virginia Woods-Jack I get mighty excited about making bread. It is my favourite fermented food and I never tire of watching the dough rise slowly throughout the day or the smell it creates during baking. I love how unique each loaf is when it is finished baking and pulled from the oven. Over the past couple of years I have slowly saved up and purchased a few bread-making tools […]

Slow Fermented Yeast Bread – Easy No Knead Yeast Version

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  This bread recipe is the version I make using instant yeast instead of sourdough starter. For any of you who don’t have a sourdough starter, or if you forgot to feed the starter before bread-making day, this recipe doesn’t require any preparation and still produces a beautiful bread with a great flavour and minimal effort.

Matt’s Chilli Con Carne

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   This is one of the first dishes Matt ever made for me. It is actually his mother’s recipe (that we have adjusted slightly) and has become a staple in our house when we need something that is easy and quick to put together while being budget friendly. I buy our beans dried and soak them overnight with a bit of apple cider vinegar before cooking them and storing them in the freezer.

Starting and Maintaining a Healthy Sourdough Starter

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This is Part 1 of the Sourdough Post that will be up within the week. I figured I should break up the post into two parts as it was getting rather long and some of you may already have a sourdough starter going. For those of you who don’t, you can either follow the instructions in this post for starting your own, or you can try to hunt one down from a friend or a […]

Sourdough Buckwheat Crepes with Kefir Sour Cream – Gluten Free

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I have been playing around with a gluten-free crepe recipe for the past few weeks. And this is what I have finally come up with. I prefer to soak and ferment grains and grain-based foods wherever possible. It is a process that makes digestion a whole lot more fun for this dodgy tummy of mine. Soaking and fermenting grains is a traditional practice that is done throughout many different cultures around the world.  This process not […]