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Chick Pea Chocolate Chip Cookies!

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I wanted to share a recipe for some delicious biscuits my friend Greta brought around for me a few weeks ago. These cookies are not what you would expect! They taste and feel like a classic chocolate chip cookie but are made with unconventional ingredients. Perfectly chewy and a great option for people on a plant-based diet or those who want a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and nut-free cookie.

Anzac Biscuits – Egg Free + Gluten/Dairy Free Option

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My son came home from school on Monday with a great maths homework task of making Anzac biscuits in order to learn about basic volume and weight measurements. Both of us love a good Anzac biscuit, but neither of us can eat wheat flour, so he and I came up with this recipe here, which is a mix of a few of our favourite biscuit recipes. These are chewy and delicious and a great biscuit […]